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VDOT: Basic Work Zone Traffic Control (WZTC) Certification

The Basic course is required for all persons with duties that include direct responsibility for placement and removal, and maintenance of work zone traffic control devices. VDOT requires WZTC training every four (4) years. 
Participants will receive classroom instruction from the Virginia Work Area Protection Manual (VAWAPM) and its supplemental Pocket Guide, and flagging operations. A written test is given, which includes flagging requirements and minimum standards for temporary traffic control in intermediate-term, short-term, short duration and mobile type traffic control operations.  Within sixty (60) days of successful completion of a training course, each individual shall receive a wallet-sized card, which shows the trainee’s name and verification number, the course category, the date the course was successfully completed, and the expiration date. This certification will also permit the individual to perform flagging operations. An 80% or higher score is required for certification.
For more information on the VDOT requirements for WZTC visit:
Course ID/# : 2385/570015
Tuition: $0.00

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